BelVG Is Assaulted By a Fraudster –

January 20, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by Irina Tsumarava
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The story in brief:, a cheating company, appeared at Magento arena. We were warned by Magestore and played regular visitors to buy our extensions at discount from They sent us the list of companies they “cooperate” with, and BelVG is in it. We haven’t heard anything about, and they are definitely not our partners or resellers. Apparently, they are cheaters. Look at the email we received from them:


Breaking News! Magento Development Top Companies Are Under Attack!

January 19, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by Pavel Novitsky
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All Magento developers, you can be hacked and lose your profit significantly! We must warn you because yesterday we were shocked, receiving the following email from Magestore – one of the biggest Magento extensions producers and our competitor:

“Hello, we are Magestore. We want to WARN you about a provider named They are selling our products and YOUR products at a very cheap price.
A few days ago, one of my customers talked to us that there is a provider emailed him and offered Magestore’s product at just half the price. They are not our affiliates, and they don’t just give discount of 30% but 50%! We doubt that they didn’t buy our products but hacked in some ways. This is a threat to all providers in the list. Magestore”


Spreading Good News – Long Live Free Extensions!

January 18, 2012 / Posted in Mobile by Alex Huk
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Free Magento Mobile Themes

We are surprised how enthusiastically you handle our free products! Within 10 days 1000 users have downloaded free Silver Mobile Theme while Facebook Connect and Like Free extension outperformed it with over 4000 downloads in a week. We try our best to serve you as well as we can, and with every positive review we step forward and feel more responsibility than earlier.


Good News: Paypal’s Mobile Payments Reached $4B in 2011!

January 17, 2012 / Posted in Mobile by BelVG Blog Team
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No wonder, the volume of mobile payments makes a huge jump every year. Indeed, buyers carry 24 hours a day no other devices but mobile phones.

BelVG team is always on the wave of recent trends. We have a large range of Magento mobile themes for advanced online stores, covering maximum audience with mobile shopping amateurs included.

And coming soon! Several mobile themes of BelVG will be available for free download in a few days. :) Stay in contact!


We Are Leaving for New Year’s Break

December 29, 2011 / Posted in Fun&Events by Irina Tsumarava
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We have been working hard this year trying to provide our customers with fair and square services. New Year’s holidays bring us a well-deserved rest, but we will miss staying away from our clients.

BelVG team is leaving for a break in two hours and getting back in January, 3.  We wish all our employees, partners, customers and their families Happy New Year!

Remember that time flies, and soon we will see each other in a Year 2012.