Add-ons on Friday

February 17, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Mobile, Prestashop by Irina Tsumarava
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Friday is outside! It’s time to get ready for the weekend rest, completing tossing tons of papers and replying to the insanely large number of emails. Don’t do too much today: leave important things by Monday and learn more from our regular Add-ons on Friday section.

This week we were occupied both by Prestashop and Magento development, which was resulted in Magento Cardboard Mobile Theme and Prestashop Product Links module releases.

Our new theme with cardboard style elements will be the one good choice for retailers dealing with wooden and paper made items. Product Links is a smart front office module that indicates product links to multiple catalogs they belong to on the product page.

Cardboard Magento Mobile Theme           Prestashop Product Links Module

BelVG Is Getting “Best Web Tool 2012” Award

February 16, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events by Irina Tsumarava
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One day this week we have received the email from WebHostingSearch, a web hosting provider, informing us that their visitors are rather satisfied with BelVG work. Being recommended by WHS customers and reviewed by WHS editors, WebHostingSearch recognized BelVG as the “Best Web Tool 2012“, telling us they “applaud your great products/services that truly helps to make websites more interesting and easier for users to understand and use.”

WebHostingSearch entitles BelVG the dedicated page in their Web Development Companies listing with the following record:

Best Web Tool 2012             

Along with inclusion in WHS listing, we were given the award to display on our website. So here it is – BelVG deserved recognition.

Highway to Profit Paradise with Mobile Web

February 14, 2012 / Posted in Mobile by Denis Guriyanov
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Today mobile devices are indispensable assistants in business, education and entertainment. The number of mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets to TV sets, are increasing daily.

The most important information is contained in the statistics, i.e. how many viewers visit your website using mobile devices. The easiest way is to use analytics systems to define the percentage of mobile viewers and to detect specific operating systems and gadgets they use for access.


Prestashop is Finally Turning to Its Developers

February 13, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop by Alex Huk
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Prestashop announced new changes to appear on the horizon. As Prestashop add-ons developers, we are directly influenced by every modification of this platform. Following the cutting edge news in Prestashop eCommerce, we inform you about its major submission form advancements.

  • Expanded description fields with 12 languages for translation. More languages options place more responsibility on support team, requiring proficiency in chosen languages. BelVG is fluent and ready to communicate in 5 languages – English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
  • Detailed user guide for add-ons contributors with chapters focused on how to submit modules/themes for successful validation. Check it out here.
  • Adding video directly to module pages.
  • One of the best announcements – modules will be available anytime when developers update them.


Add-ons on Friday

February 10, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Social by Irina Tsumarava
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We continue our weekly Add-ons on Friday, and today we prepared for you the dinner with two main dishes.

Our Promotional Gifts and Google Plus All in One extensions are designed for Magento-based stores. Promotional Gifts is a quick way to present free gifts to wholesale buyers and users purchasing expensive products. Google+ All in One for Community and Enterprise editions integrates stores with one of the most popular global social networks, furnishing businesses with numerous Google+ marketing features.

Get a close view of Magento Promotional Gifts and Google Plus All in One.


Magento Enterprise Premium License

February 10, 2012 / Posted in Magento by Irina Tsumarava
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What could you imagine to be the Magento crush of this week? It would be Magento 2.0 alpha version for sure, but a new license coming out is quite an event as well.

Magento Enterprise premium is twice more expensive than its foregoing Magento Enterprise license.  It promises to customers “all the benefits of Magento Enterprise with additional licenses, Magento support, consulting and training” for $44,990 USD per year.

We wonder, what features does the prefix Premium add to an early Magento Enterprise license? Are there many changes in functionality Magento team has lately imported? And, probably, the most important question – where we can test the demo version?