Our Magento Store Celebrates its First Purchase Anniversary

February 23, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by Irina Tsumarava
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Besides the Defender of the Fatherland Day that is celebrated today in Russian-speaking world, BelVG has a big event to draw attention to. One year ago on February, 23, 2011 the first customer made a first purchase from our Magento store. So many things have been changed since that time and now our Magento store is one year old.

That’s a nice tradition to present gifts for anniversary. So here they are – we reward our first customer Miguel Gomard, who is the Co-founder of Myfab ecommerce website, with 20% lifetime discount for all our Magento products and services. We also grant BelVG first ten buyers 10% lifetime discount. Emails with congratulations and discount announcements will be sent to them directly.

Thanks for being with us all year round, dear customers!

ECommerce Will Get Richer with Nordstrom $1 Billion Spending

February 23, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events by BelVG Team
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Ecommerce growth expands enormously and more big companies and chains invest their money into ecommerce operations and upgrades. The good demonstration of this pattern is Nordstrom department store chain in the United States that recently announced the 30% allocation  of their $3.3 billion capital expenditure budget for ecommerce business improvements.

Around $1 billion in spending, isn’t it impressive?

Developer Tips: Adding Tabs to Product Page in Prestashop

February 22, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop, Tips&Tricks by Denis Urevich
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My name is Denis and I decided to make my developer contribution to BelVG blog. Currently I’m writing modules for Prestashop, and as far as a lot of developers have to deal with the same Prestashop template inconveniences, I want to share some ideas I came out with while working on Subscription module.

With its assistance customers will be able to subscribe to products automatic purchase and delivery (e.g. bottled water for office needs, coffee, magazines, newspapers, etc.). Apparently, each product that is available for subscription, requires its own individual configuration.

Unfortunately, Prestashop Back Office doesn’t offer options of adding new tabs to the editing product page, which will be used to configure products, necessary for the module operation. It turned out that in order to create a new tab, you need to add the following HTML code into DOM structure:

Tab Header

Tab Content



Australian Interview of Roy Rubin

February 21, 2012 / Posted in Magento by BelVG Team
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Roy Rubin, Co-Founder of Magento, took a business trip to Australia, where he gave an interview to Australian online newspaper Power Retail. It’s always the event when Magento top officials go public and unveil their business secrets. However, don’t expect big revelations in there: all conversation is spinning around pillars of Magento success, X.Commerce concept, acquisition by eBay, open source security issues and some others.

You will be definitely interested in this interview if you are relatively new to Magento development and know not that much about its happenings. Most likely that Magento professionals will consider questions quite typical with answers to what they already knew. Anyways, practice makes perfect, so enjoy the article.

Add-ons on Friday

February 17, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Mobile, Prestashop by Irina Tsumarava
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Friday is outside! It’s time to get ready for the weekend rest, completing tossing tons of papers and replying to the insanely large number of emails. Don’t do too much today: leave important things by Monday and learn more from our regular Add-ons on Friday section.

This week we were occupied both by Prestashop and Magento development, which was resulted in Magento Cardboard Mobile Theme and Prestashop Product Links module releases.

Our new theme with cardboard style elements will be the one good choice for retailers dealing with wooden and paper made items. Product Links is a smart front office module that indicates product links to multiple catalogs they belong to on the product page.

Cardboard Magento Mobile Theme           Prestashop Product Links Module

BelVG Is Getting “Best Web Tool 2012” Award

February 16, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events by Irina Tsumarava
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One day this week we have received the email from WebHostingSearch, a web hosting provider, informing us that their visitors are rather satisfied with BelVG work. Being recommended by WHS customers and reviewed by WHS editors, WebHostingSearch recognized BelVG as the “Best Web Tool 2012“, telling us they “applaud your great products/services that truly helps to make websites more interesting and easier for users to understand and use.”

WebHostingSearch entitles BelVG the dedicated page in their Web Development Companies listing with the following record:

Best Web Tool 2012             

Along with inclusion in WHS listing, we were given the award to display on our website. So here it is – BelVG deserved recognition.