Add-ons on Friday

March 2, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Prestashop by Irina Tsumarava
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At the beginning of February BelVG has started its run with the intent of providing several extensions a week. As it turned out, this policy works. Add-ons on Friday deliver this week one Prestashop module and one Magento extension. We need to admit this time we were greatly inspired by eCommerce users, and surfing Magento and Prestashop forums helped us come up with what we present now.

Magento 360° View offers functions and facilities to observe products from different angles. Customers always want to scrutinize things prior to buying them. 360° View button and built-in flash player will help to review items in two ways – spinning products 360° round and rotating them from side to side.

Prestashop Events Wall sets up a virtual events board on your website to post updates, arrange polls and receive user comments. Its special tools frame distinctive news as “Super Events” and integrate all news pages with Facebook.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

Developer Tips: Adding Tabs to Product Page in Prestashop

February 22, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop, Tips&Tricks by Denis Urevich
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My name is Denis and I decided to make my developer contribution to BelVG blog. Currently I’m writing modules for Prestashop, and as far as a lot of developers have to deal with the same Prestashop template inconveniences, I want to share some ideas I came out with while working on Subscription module.

With its assistance customers will be able to subscribe to products automatic purchase and delivery (e.g. bottled water for office needs, coffee, magazines, newspapers, etc.). Apparently, each product that is available for subscription, requires its own individual configuration.

Unfortunately, Prestashop Back Office doesn’t offer options of adding new tabs to the editing product page, which will be used to configure products, necessary for the module operation. It turned out that in order to create a new tab, you need to add the following HTML code into DOM structure:

Tab Header

Tab Content



Add-ons on Friday

February 17, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Mobile, Prestashop by Irina Tsumarava
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Friday is outside! It’s time to get ready for the weekend rest, completing tossing tons of papers and replying to the insanely large number of emails. Don’t do too much today: leave important things by Monday and learn more from our regular Add-ons on Friday section.

This week we were occupied both by Prestashop and Magento development, which was resulted in Magento Cardboard Mobile Theme and Prestashop Product Links module releases.

Our new theme with cardboard style elements will be the one good choice for retailers dealing with wooden and paper made items. Product Links is a smart front office module that indicates product links to multiple catalogs they belong to on the product page.

Cardboard Magento Mobile Theme           Prestashop Product Links Module

Prestashop is Finally Turning to Its Developers

February 13, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop by Alex Huk
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Prestashop announced new changes to appear on the horizon. As Prestashop add-ons developers, we are directly influenced by every modification of this platform. Following the cutting edge news in Prestashop eCommerce, we inform you about its major submission form advancements.

  • Expanded description fields with 12 languages for translation. More languages options place more responsibility on support team, requiring proficiency in chosen languages. BelVG is fluent and ready to communicate in 5 languages – English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
  • Detailed user guide for add-ons contributors with chapters focused on how to submit modules/themes for successful validation. Check it out here.
  • Adding video directly to module pages.
  • One of the best announcements – modules will be available anytime when developers update them.


Add-ons on Friday

February 3, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Prestashop by Irina Tsumarava
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We announce a new weekly section in our blog that will be devoted to recent extension & theme releases appeared over the last five days. Since other weekdays are already occupied with analytics and articles from BelVG op-ed columnists, we will call this section Add-ons on Friday.

So far as tradition is supposed to be settled, we introduce the first unit of Add-ons on Friday. We’ve completed three new Prestashop extensions this week and now they are in our store.

Get acquainted with Prestashop Blocks Constructor, Geo IP and User Profile Extended.


Prestashop Addons Analytics. February

February 1, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop by Alex Huk
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Do you imagine how Prestashop will look tomorrow? BelVG reveals its mainstream now and features that will be in demand after a while. That is a tricky business to predict the progress, though we post analytics of Prestashop modules in different categories and their top besties in each one. Let’s see what we have today and what we will observe a month, three months, half-year, etc. later.

Remember this bar chat, illustrating the current quantity of Prestashop modules in each category. Presently, frontend office modules are striking leaders among all and the second popular social networks category is three times thinner than it.