Breaking News! Magento Development Top Companies Are Under Attack!

January 19, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by Pavel Novitsky
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All Magento developers, you can be hacked and lose your profit significantly! We must warn you because yesterday we were shocked, receiving the following email from Magestore – one of the biggest Magento extensions producers and our competitor:

“Hello, we are Magestore. We want to WARN you about a provider named They are selling our products and YOUR products at a very cheap price.
A few days ago, one of my customers talked to us that there is a provider emailed him and offered Magestore’s product at just half the price. They are not our affiliates, and they don’t just give discount of 30% but 50%! We doubt that they didn’t buy our products but hacked in some ways. This is a threat to all providers in the list. Magestore”


BelVG Web Developers’ Opinions: Is Magento on Its Peak Now or It Is Just the Beginning?

December 28, 2011 / Posted in Magento by Irina Tsumarava
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Ending a year 2011 and starting a new one, it’s high time to talk about Magento achievements and promises it has ahead. Let’s clarify some issues:

1. What prospects could Magento development anticipate in 6 month? In one year? In five years?

2. Who are the next succeeding rivals of Magento that are growing rapidly and inevitably and one day may overthrow the Magento superiority?

Here we have BelVG web developers’ opinions…


BelVG at MageConf

December 5, 2011 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by BelVG Team
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This weekend our delegation took part in the top Magento event in Eastern Europe – the MageConf.We’ll remember this week-end for the Magento Architects reports, new proffesional relations among the Magento-community and just a good team-building journey.


Belvg at Magento Conference


Module Releases for Magento Enterprise Businesses

November 17, 2011 / Posted in Magento by BelVG Team
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Magento Enterprise Edition We work with Magento Enterprise Edition now and offer its users our first five extensions. You are welcome to download popular Facebook All in OneCheckout FieldsNewsColors, Sizes and Materials Swatch PROWindows Metro Mobile Theme.
Being Magento Industry Partners, we will develop more and more extensions for its Enterprise Edition to make customers’ businesses prosperous and their revenues impressive.
Make your store look awesome and catchy with the Brands and Logos extension. Expect to see it for Enterprise Edition soon and keep an eye for other module releases and company events.
Stay updated and don’t forget to check our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Fresh Magento Extensions

October 5, 2011 / Posted in Magento by BelVG Team
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We offer two fine new extensions for Magento:

Magento Fullscreen Zoom with Purchase allows to view the product image in the full screen mode and adds it to card instantly from this mode.

Magento Quick View extension allows your customers to browse through your catalog a lot faster by showing customizable popup with product description, picture and add to cart button.

Meet Magento Belarus 2011

June 14, 2011 / Posted in Fun&Events, Magento by BelVG Team
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We participate in the conference Meet Magento Belarus 2011.

The report of our web-developer Pavel will be about the integration Magento e-shops with social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LikedIn). His experience of developing Magento extensions is more than 2 years.


The short description of Pavel’s report:

  1. 1. Work with third-party API in the context of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn) with the example based on modules Multilogin 11in1 and Social referrals 4in1
  2. 2. Problems when connecting third-party API and how to solve them.
  3. 3. Full integration with social media on the example of the social network Facebook.
  4. 4. The ability to use visitors of e-shops the various possibilities (avaliable to third-party developers) of social media on the example of Facebook Connect and Publish:
  •  – Combination social network’s Login & e-shop’s user name
  •  – Integration Like button
  •  – Ability to use Share button
  •  – Add to wishlist & purchase item from friend’s wishlist
  •  – Add comments to a product page


So, the report will be informative with examples based on our extensions.

How do you think will be this report interesting? Pleaase, tell us.


We hope to share experience with other developers and to learn their experience.


You can read more on the official site.