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  • Redirect Customers to the Other Store with the Correct Language in Magento

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    Redirect Customers to the Other Store with the Correct Language in Magento

    Our clients often ask us to make their multilanguage stores automatically redirect customers to the store that has the language of user’s browser. If it’s not possible to define the language or locale is not supported by the store, they want their customers to see the default store.

    Model of realization is pretty simple – we check if browser delivers HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header, find out what languages are preferable for user, compare browser language and languages supported by the store, and redirect customer to the relevant store.

  • Magento Blocks and Observer Caching

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    Magento Blocks and Observer Caching

    Cashing Magento block is quite a simple task. Let’s see how it works.

  • Big Day Release: Magento Facebook All in One

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    Magento Facebook All in One

    Magento Facebook All in One is an extension to boost your Magento store with all Facebook force and power. Help your customers avoid boring registration process and let them log into your store with their Facebook accounts. Users will be able to like your products and share page blocks, populate their social news feed with the information about the products they like and want to buy, this way helping you to promote your products among greater audience. Be on top of of traditional marketing strategies and encourage your viewers to leave comments, like your pages and share their purchases with friends.

    Key features:

    • Facebook Login;
    • Every product is supplied with Like and Share button;
    • Comments available on the product page;
    • Ability to share successfully completed orders;
    • Recent activities block;
    • Customers are able to share their wishlist;
    • Likes/comments amount statistics are available for you in the admin panel.

  • Big Day Release: Magento Splash Page

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    Big Day Release: Magento Splash Page

    In certain cases storeowners need to apply splash pages on their websites if they need to either attract visitors to some information or make an important announcement. Magento Splash Page module gives an easy way to create and manage splash pages for Magento stores.

    Key features:

    • Enable splash pages either for the whole store or only for specific CMS pages and categories;
    • Select customer groups for which your splash pages will be displayed;
    • Create unique splash page for every CMS page or directory.

  • OroCRM 1.0 Stable Is Out

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    On the first of April the stable version of OrоCRM was finally released.  Established by the Mаgentо founding fathers (Yoav Kutner,  Dmitriy Soroka, Jary Carter) today OrоCRM is seeking to overtake leadership in the market of free business applications.

    Currently OrоCRM offers two distinct products which are based on the Symfоny 2 framework: CRM and Oro Business Application Platform (OroBAP).