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  • Creating and Managing Themes in Magento 2.0

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    Creating and managing themes in Magento 2.0

    Creating a theme

    First, let’s begin with the theme folder which is created here:

    app / design / frontend /

    Next comes the folder with the company name (or “Vendor Name” as used in the Developer Guide) and inside it our theme folders are located. You may wonder why I have several themes.  To explain this, let’s try to create the following structure:

  • How to Create a Design Brief for Your eCommerce Website

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    How to Create a Design Brief for Your eCommerce Website

    This article will be most helpful to storeowners (or future storeowners), planning either a completely new own website with a unique look, or those planning on a refreshment of their website’s current design to make it more modern, functional and fresh.

  • Optimizing Complex Processes as Illustrated by Magento Catalog Price Rules

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    Optimizing Complex Processes as Illustrated by Magento Catalog Price Rules

    In Magento there is a sufficient number of complex data processes, which may take quite a long time and consume a large amount of server memory and performance, especially if the database contains a huge pool of data (products, categories, customers, orders, etc). The indexing of products attributes, categories, prices, etc may serve as an example of such a process. But into this list we can also include one more process – the application of catalog price rules (apply rules):

  • Big Day Release: Checkout Fields v.3.0.0

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    Magento Checkout Fields

    While trying to make the process of purchasing faster, you still need to gather information about customers. When this is the case, use Magento checkout fields to add additional fields to the checkout in your online store. You can easily manage fields for your clients to fill in. Magento checkout fields module is very flexible and easy to install.

    Key features:

    • Unlimited number of fields;
    • All types of fields available;
    • Different types of field validation to add to the fields;
    • Add fields to any of the checkout steps, even to several of them;
    • Track statistics of the customer answers;
    • Quickly edit and manage the fields (drag&drop);
    • Unique fields for different store languages available;
    • Answers are saved on the order page;
    • Set dates for the fields to appear and disappear on frontend automatically.

  • Tips for Getting Great Support

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    Tips for getting great support

    We receive dozens of messages every day. We consider them all and respond as fast as possible. Of course, we understand potential clients and customers who want to get answers to their question immediately. Believe me; we have the same desire – to answer you quickly and to help to deal with emergency cases.

    Just imagine a situation: we got the message from you at night (it may be day time in your country). While we revise your request and prepare the respond you continue sending more and more messages. You become nervous thinking that your emails are lost (though it is not true) and we are worried that you may be disappointed with us. Moreover, there is no information in your message that we need, so apparently problem solving is delayed. How can you speed up the process of solving your problem troubleshooting? Let’s review several situations.