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  • Multistore in Magento 2.0

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    Multistore in Magento 2.0

    We need to create two web sites: and

    First, let’s create the first site. Unzip Mаgentо into the folder on the server. Then install it, configure and now the site is ready to use.

    You can install the second store in the same way as the first one, but I would like to describe a new interesting feature: the “Pub” folder in the Magento root.

    The store domain can be connected both to the folder into which Magento has been unzipped and to the Pub folder. In both cases we will get a full running store.

  • Big Day Release: Magento LookBook

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    Big Day Release: Magento LookBook

    Magento LookBook extension lets you put a set of markers to the product image and then link these markers to other products, which will appear in a pop-up as soon as the customer clicks on a marker. You can also select specific area on the product photo and it will get automatically highlighted upon mouse hovering.

    Key features:

    • Add markers to product images and link these markers with other goods which will appear in a pop-up;
    • The pop-up window will display the product image and will also let customers specify product quantity;
    • Select specific area on the product photo, and this area will get automatically highlighted upon mouse hovering.

  • Differences Between Magento and Prestashop Modules Development

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    Differences Between Mаgentо and Prestаshоp Modules Development

    Both Mаgentо and Prestаshоp provide possibilities to create custom modules to extend CMS functionalities.  In this article we will try to describe main differences between the modules which are designed for these systems on example of Customer Images Uploader module for Magento and Prestashop

  • Big Day Release: Magento Ajax Toolbar

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    Magento Ajax Toolbar

    Magento Ajax Toolbar is an extension which allows a number of must-have UI features for your category page. One is Infinite Scroll (with or without a specific button) lets our customers see all the products in a category without reloading the page. It also provides you with a “go to top” button to quickly navigate back to the top menu. Sorting (list/grid, price based, etc) also reloads via Ajax allowing for experience uninterrupted by reloads.

    Key features:

    • All results are available to view on the same page (infinite scroll);
    • New results are uploaded via Ajax, which does not cause page reload;
    • Set the module to upload results either automatically or by clicking the button;
    • Convenient Back button which brings you back to the top of the page;
    • Sorting and changing the catalog style (grid/list) is done via Ajax.

  • How to Optimize Magento 1.9 Design for Mobile Devices

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    How to Optimize Magento 1.9 Design for Mobile Devices

    The recent Mаgentо 1.9 release included a new theme, which, unlike the old one, ideally suits both desktop and mobile devices.  The theme also includes such popular modules as Interactive Slider and Ajax Cart -  they have also been optimized for mobile devices, which makes your store available for a large number of users under any device.