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  • Big Day Release: Magento Bundle

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    Magento Bundle is a new money saving offer that will enhance your store with the cutting edge modules and extensions at the best possible price. We have collected 10 most popular and highly demanded modules into a single powerful package.

    The extensions will boost different aspects of your store such as design, navigation, product view and speed. All modules have been tested and proved to be 100% compatible with each other on any store.

    Key Features

    • Nine most acknowledged and powerful modules in a single package;
    • Enhance all important aspects of your store;
    • All modules have been fully tested for compatibility;
    • All modules from the package can be installed and applied on any store;
    • Choose yourself how many modules from the bundle you want to get;
    • The more modules you select the better discount you get.

  • Advanced Pricing Section Management in Magento 2.0

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    Advanced Pricing Section Management in Magento 2.0

    Creating a product can be a difficult task for a non-specialist. In our second article about creating products in Magento 2.0 we go a little bit more Advanced in an “Advanced Pricing” section – which holds all the necessary goodies to set up various group prices and recurring payments.

  • What We Need From You If You Are Plotting Web Store From Scratch

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    What We Need From You If You Are Plotting Web Store From Scratch

    1. What we would like to hear first is a business idea of your site. It could be narrated in a form of business story or handed over as a solid specification with the description of main functions and users cases. We would like to be aware of what you sell , what attributes your products might have, to whom it would be sold, how items are to be paid and how money flows are to be organized.

    2. When the overall business idea is clear to us we can continue talking functional part and project features and modules.  Usually, when we are speaking about web site implementation with client we mention the most significant pieces:

  • Creating a Simple Product in Magento 2.0

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    Creating a Simple Product in Magento 2.0

    In the first step we will choose the attribute set, which defines the fields that are included in the product details.

    Step 1

    First in the Administration  panel  choose  Products>Catalog. Then in the upper-right corner of the Products page you will see the Add Product button. Pressing the button will immediately send you to the New Product page. There you will start creating you Simple product.

  • Slider For Your Magento Store: the Reasons You Need It, and Its Benefits

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    Slider For Your Ecommerce Store:  the Reasons You Yeed It, and Its Benefits

    It’s hard to imagine an on-line store with no commercial banners, animated and interactive blocks. In our digital time, internet-users want to get maximum utility for minimum time. If the store can’t provide it, there is a big possibility that a potential customer will leave to a competitor, so that’s why you need to be original to keep the customer’s interest. With the help of the slider you can quickly draw attention to the most important information on the web-site.