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  • Tips for Getting Great Support

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    Tips for getting great support

    We receive dozens of messages every day. We consider them all and respond as fast as possible. Of course, we understand potential clients and customers who want to get answers to their question immediately. Believe me; we have the same desire – to answer you quickly and to help to deal with emergency cases.

    Just imagine a situation: we got the message from you at night (it may be day time in your country). While we revise your request and prepare the respond you continue sending more and more messages. You become nervous thinking that your emails are lost (though it is not true) and we are worried that you may be disappointed with us. Moreover, there is no information in your message that we need, so apparently problem solving is delayed. How can you speed up the process of solving your problem troubleshooting? Let’s review several situations.

  • How to Enable Error Messages in Magento

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    How to Enable Error Messages in Magento

    While working on online stores or extensions every Magento developer needs debug information about errors in the code. Also the information about exceptions that is generated by Magento can be very useful for developers. There are some powerful tools in Magento to obtain this information: log of exceptions and error messages (error reporting). In this article I will tell you how to activate these features in Magento.

    Before enabling error messages (or exceptions log) it is necessary to disable caching and compilation in the Magento administrative panel.

  • How to Create a Profitable eCommerce Project

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    How to Create a Profitable eCommerce Project

    You ever wondered why the estimates that the developers give you rarely match the real timeframe 100%?

    Sometimes the answer might be simple “greed” or incompetence. But let’s assume for a second that you work with a competent and straightforward developer. Does it mean he’ll always commit to his deadline? Maybe. But the reality tells us that no, even the most honest and competent developer can fail the deadline.

  • Magento 2.0 Home Page Overview

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    Magento 2.0 Home Page Overview

    So the default Magento 2.0 page is here for everyone to see.  If you don’t have access to the demo and really anticipate what’s coming up this year – we’ll give you a sneak-peek of our own Magento 2.0 setup and tell you what’s on the frontend right now.

  • How to Create New Category in Magento 2.0

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    Let’s look on how to create a New Category in Magento 2.0. First of all in the Admin Panel you should choose Products -> Categories

    There are four sections in Categories.  First section is General information, then goes Display Setting, Custom Design and the last one is Category products were you can find all your products according to the ID, Name, SKU, Price or Position.