• Pavel Novitsky

    (Magento Certified Developer Plus, Prestashop Certified Developer)

    Pavel Novitsky is one of the few Magento Certified Developers Plus & Prestashop Certified Developer. He has 8 years of web-development experience. Pavel has developed Facebook Connect and Like free extension and for now it is installed on over 10 000 web stores. He gives lectures to other BelVG devs.

    Pavel is married and has a son (whom he’s proud to call his major achievement). Pavel likes good music, philosophy books, detectives, adventure stories and “Winnie-the-Pooh” for relaxation.

  • OroCRM 1.0 Stable Is Out

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    On the first of April the stable version of OrоCRM was finally released.  Established by the Mаgentо founding fathers (Yoav Kutner,  Dmitriy Soroka, Jary Carter) today OrоCRM is seeking to overtake leadership in the market of free business applications.

    Currently OrоCRM offers two distinct products which are based on the Symfоny 2 framework: CRM and Oro Business Application Platform (OroBAP).

  • Halloween Special Treat – Extension Give Away And Discounts

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    BelVG Halloween Treats

    Wonder if one day someone will learn to trick-or-treat you over the internet. Anyway. As much as it is a tricking time of the year we’ve prepared a nice treat for you. This little extension allows you to promote your products for certain holidays, like the list below and even add your own holidays.

  • Mаgentо Coupons Report

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    Mаgentо coupons report

    It is sad to say, but in spite of the contemporary well developed and tool-rich marketing system, the main methods to attract customers and increase sales are still quite traditional and involve various promotions, sales, discounts and coupons.  Of course, Magento provides a sufficiently rich functionality for analysis and statistics.  But, as you know, there are never too many tools.  That is why we decided to make another present surprise to our sales managers.

    Basically, there is, of course, available a default report on used coupons under the Reports – Sales – Coupons section.  But we have decided to push the limits and go further.  First of all, we will start with creating a module with a custom grid (check here for more details about creating a module).

    We will describe only the main part – that is creating of a grid.

  • Magento For Mobile Admins

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    Magento for mobile admins

    According to the world’s trends, online stores should be adapted for mobile users. We’ll pass without notice any disputes on this issue. We’ll also ignore the implementation methods: mobile and responsive themes, applications and separated mobile websites. Let’s simply agree with the following fact: mobile store customers should be just as satisfied with browsing experience as their desktop colleagues.

    So be it, then – mobile themes are reasonably necessary. Let’s now find out who spends more time in the online store. Is it a fastidious customer? Or a competitor? Or maybe Tax Authorities? None of the above. This is an admin! But we care about our customers as much as we ignore our managers. I don’t mean that developers don’t think how to make easy-to-use admin panel. They work on desktop devices and develop admin panel for themselves. It sounds justly. But this justice doesn’t work for the admin who decided to check out how it goes in the store during the trip.

  • Mаgentо Books Day

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    Perhaps no one will argue that today Mаgentо ­is one of the most popular and perhaps the most functionally rich CMS in the field of E-commerce. However, it is also true that the information on how to administer and configure Mаgentо is often taken as some sort of a secret knowledge scattered by small pieces all over the Internet: you can find something on Magento Commerce, much has been already described at Magento Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow but still the main source for shop owners and beginning administrators are some scrappy blogs of some experienced developers.

    Recently Pасkt Publishing has issued 2 books that can be regarded as a complete how-to guide for beginners.