• Big Day Release: Magento Facebook All in One

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    Magento Facebook All in One

    Magento Facebook All in One is an extension to boost your Magento store with all Facebook force and power. Help your customers avoid boring registration process and let them log into your store with their Facebook accounts. Users will be able to like your products and share page blocks, populate their social news feed with the information about the products they like and want to buy, this way helping you to promote your products among greater audience. Be on top of of traditional marketing strategies and encourage your viewers to leave comments, like your pages and share their purchases with friends.

    Key features:

    • Facebook Login;
    • Every product is supplied with Like and Share button;
    • Comments available on the product page;
    • Ability to share successfully completed orders;
    • Recent activities block;
    • Customers are able to share their wishlist;
    • Likes/comments amount statistics are available for you in the admin panel.

  • Speeding up Prestashop: Database Requests Amount

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    Speeding up Prestashop: Database Requests Amount

    Our clients very often ask us why their stores don’t work as fast as they want. Sometimes the bottleneck of store’s performance is its database. Some modules create a lot of non-optimized requests. Today we will speak about the ways of showing the amount of database requests.

    One of the ways will help us find out if your database is overloaded. Before installing new module we recommend to check how many requests was there before and after the procedure.

    So, method DB::getInstance() is responsible for every database request, so we’ll install our calculator exactly in this method. To do that let’s set $queries variable in the beginning of the method:

  • Big Day Release: PrestaShop Brands and Logos

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    Prestashop Brands and Logos module enhances your store with a new useful feature: attaches the supplier’s and manufacturer’s logo to each product. Customers can click the logo and this way will be able to view the complete list of products provided either by that specific manufacturer or supplier.

    Key features:

    • Attach manufacturer’s and supplier’s logo to each product;
    • Customers can easily sort the product by brand;
    • Stylish slider with the list of manufacturers on the homepage;
    • Logos are displayed both on product and catalog pages and in the quickview window.

  • PrestaShop 1.5 Developer’s Guide

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    PrestaShop 1.5 Developers Guide

    Countless hours of hardworking – and a whole book of helpful hints on Prestashop version 1.5 is finally ready!

    We deal with Prestashop ever since the first versions were released. A lot of time have passed and we are glad to see how much this platform has grown. Our developers get asked all the time  about Prestashop’s inner workings, about bugs or some advice we can share with them. As a result of our experience on all Prestashop related projects and extensions we wrote a whole book about Prestashop. We feel it’s the best way to share our insight and educate both the storeowners and new developers on one of our most-loved ecommerce platforms.

  • Big Day Release: PrestaShop Age Verification Page

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    PrestaShop Age Verification Page

    The Age Verification Page is a Prestashop module that allows for a special age verification window on your store. Customers, who visit your website for the first time, will be prompted to pass a simple verification to confirm that they have reached the required age to be able to view the website content.

    Key features:

    • Age verification pop-up;
    • Use your own custom images and text on the verification page;
    • Apply verification window either for the whole website or for a specific page only;